Custom Colors

You customize everything to fit your needs and style, so why not your wheels? Black wheels are the most common request and we can do both matte and gloss finishes. Gun metal silver finishes are also very popular and look especially great on red, white or black vehicles.


Any color is possible. Each car has a specific paint code from the factory making it possible to match your wheels to the color of your car.


Our patented repair process is the same in either a mobile unit or at shop. We remove each wheel for repair. Our technicians break the front bead of the tire, separating it from the face of the wheel, a "must procedure" for perfect repairs. This practice enables us to reach the underside of the bead for more effective repairs. Also, the ability to spray our finishes under the bead guarantees maximum adhesion and durability.

After bead breaking, the wheel is mounted on a specially designed workbench. As the technician resurfaces the wheel, metal dust and other particulates are drawn away from the work area by an exhaust fan and filtering system. 

Wheels are primed, painted and clear-coated utilizing (patent #6,347,444) paint adhesion technology, and cured with short-wave lighting to return wheels to their original luster. The paint is color matched for all foreign and domestic cars. We use the same high quality paint products used by the collision repair industry. The wheel does not need to be rebalanced when it is replaced on the vehicle. 

All of our services have a Limited lifetime guaranteed (ask your local AWRS Franchisee for warranty info).


Mon - Fri: 8am - 5pm


Our technicians are the most well trained and experienced in the business. Let us show you!


- Cosmetic Repairs

- Straightening

- Replacements

- Remanufacturing

- Leaking Bead Repair

- Color Change

- Crack Repair


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